Tuesday, October 23, 2007

more updates to come..

seperti yang kalian sudah tahu, gue bukan kepala gudang chip lagi (walau masih nyimpan kuncinya, huehehe). ke mana gue sekarang? halah, kalian toh sudah pada tahu kan? :p bagi yang belum tahu, ya silakan tanya ke oknum-oknum yang berkepentingan..

eniwei, gue belum sempat bikin major update untuk blog kancut ini. tapi, at least gue sudah ganti header blog ini. lihat di atas kan?

kasih gue waktu dulu buat sort things out dulu ya. kalau situasi sudah mendukung, gue kasih update lagi.. (halah, sok banget sih bay!)

salam kancut!

Friday, October 5, 2007

final pizza.. err, puzzle..

today is my last day at chip. i bought a few pans of pizza for a farewell ceremony back at the office..

before that, i had a great lunch with my very best friend, ajeng. thank you so much for all your support all this time.. :)

at the evening, i clean up my cubicle for the last time. but, i'm also preparing my personal table inside the lab.. :p

soon, i will embark on a new journey. so help me god..

i leave you with this one song from nine inch nails as kancut-song of the day..

The Great Destroyer

Say your name.
Try to speak as clearly as you can.
You know everything gets written down.
Nod your head.
Just in case they could be watching.
With their shiny satellite.

I hope they cannot see.
The limitless potential.
Building inside of me.
To mirror everything.
I hope they cannot see.
I am the great destroyer.

Turn it up.
Listen to the shit they pump into your head.
Filling you with apathy.
Hold your breath.
Wait until you know the time is right on time.
The end is near.

I hope they cannot see.
The limitless potential
Building inside of me.
To mirror everything.
I hope they cannot see
I am the great destroyer!