Monday, July 9, 2007

RIP pedro..

pedro alejandro de la rocha..

that's my stupid dog's name. well, actualy it is only pedro. i added the the rest of the name just to sound cool. we bought him ten years ago. at first, he was cute. very small and cudly. but, boy oh boy, we were so wrong. he grew up to be one bastard dawg; for a few early weeks i had to sleep with him, because he will start to 'cry' when he is lonely at night (omg, a dog, afraid to be alone?); he had stupid face; he constantly bark for any unparticular reason; he hates firecrackers popping; he always alarmed when my water tower is full. i tell you, don't fall for dog with white tip on its tail..

on july 5th, pedro passed away. unexplained cause. strange desease, maybe. or just tired of living..

farewell, pedro.. we'll miss you..

sorry, no picture(s)..

Friday, July 6, 2007

nothing remastered..

i bought this cd for my future baby, on my wife's 7th month pregnancy celebration.. wtf? :p

this is a remastered cd plus dvd bonus of meshuggah's nothing album. i considered meshuggah as one of the weirdest metal band i've ever listened to. they have unusual pattern, downtuned with 8th string guitar, gripping chords but yet close to the philisophy of "e minor or die!" this cd consist of 10 tracks of juicy metal tunes. all drums were originally recorded at dug out studio, sweden, guitar and bass at studio area 51, vocals and mixing at fear and loathing studio, sweden. they re-recorded guitars and all additional editing for this re-release album at fear and loathing studio (2005-2006). the dvd bonus consist of 3 live clips plus several music videos. a must see, god damn sweden..

this cd is very expensive! but i bought it anyway, for the sake of metal, and preserve the legacy for our children :p